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License contract

Nutrimex and its documentation are the property of PF.  It is forbidden to decompile or to make any change of whatever nature. It is forbidden to erase or modify the license details or forward them to any third party. Renting and loaning of Nutrimex are forbidden. It is forbidden to install Nutrimex on any other computer than the one the license is expected to be installed to. The Nutrimex trial release is usable for 30 days. Any action by whatever means to increase artificially the duration is strictly forbidden.
If you do one of these action mentionned above your rights of use will automatically be cancelled and the Nutrimex owners will reserve their rights to pursue the offender and bring him to justice.

License transfer

You are not allowed to transfer your rights of use only if definitive and under condition not to keep any copy, you uninstall and completely remove the release existing in your computer and transfer the complete details (original license, every updates, documentation and support), and under reserve that the new owner agree the terms of the end user license contract. By using Nutrimex, you are engaged to respect the rights of the owners and be carefull that the new user respect himself these rules. Nutrimex is protected in Belgium by the laws regarding to the intellectual property and also internationally by the international convention about the copyright (Berne's convention). Violate one of these Nutrimex copyright is a counterfeiting offense punishable by the law.

Limits of the responsibilities

Nutrimex software is provided as is without any warranty either expressed or implied. The authors could not be held as responsibles for any damage encountered by users or anyone else directly or not for its use even the authors were prevented about such damages. In any event the authors responsibility could not exceed the amount payed to get the license. The Nutrimex user is responsible as regard of the consequences connected to the meal plans that he makes included consequences that these ones could produce for anyone theses meal plans could be offer to. Nutrimex is a nutritional calculation software which could never be replace the expertise from a healthcare professional properly trained and recognized.