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Overweight is now a real public heath problem for millions people all over the world. Health and social effects are well known. The weight management is now imperative. To achieve this aim, The nutritional coach must proceed to some laborious calculations so as to quantify what "goes in" and what "comes out". Not a so long time ago, calculations were handy made for the less lucky of those and with a spreadsheet software for the others... solutions not really convenients. It remained thus a vacuum now filled by Nutrimex. With Nutrimex, the nutritional coach fully enter in a modern era, the ear of the nutritional calculation. Indeed, Nutrimex offers some relevant windows to maximize the best the management of clients nutritional cards with a low wasted tim. Finished paintful searches when someone will ask which one of such or such food contains the more or the less of such or such micro-nutrient. Sold for only a 85 dollars montly license, Nutrimex is quickly profitable. Nutrimex is the necessary tool for any nutritional coach wishing to offer a good quality service without spending too much money in investment.


Feel free to download right now the Nutrimex trial version fully functional for one month.