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We are a team consisting of two developpers. We have been fond of informatics, sports and nutrition for years. We started Nutrimex conception after an amazing observation. On the market (a part from the medical field), it exists almost no informatics tools, even cheap which could calculate efficiently meal plans and providing effective results. The few existing software applications are only available with high prices and their interfaces are not easy to understand. they are little of no use for the needs of the commun fellow.

Our work begun in 2002 but was severely delayed due to some major difficulties. That was only since 2010 that things were became true. Nutrimex is now fully operational and provided with a affordable membership subscription.

Nutrimex, this is also a hard continuous work.
Nutrimex, this is the result of a strong will as the only one income.
Nutrimex, this is at last a question of faith. Amen !