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Nutrimex is a powerful nutritional tool with no equivalent on the market. Easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic and clear interfaces. It is intended as well as for private use than for collectivities and sport rooms.
It brings you precious help to estimate the energetic values intake to create any meal plan worthy of the name.

View quickly your meal plan status : micro et macro-nutrients, glycemic charge, reminder, etc.... Call the wizard to achieve easily your aim. Stop wasting your time.

    • You are a private individual keen to take care for himself avoiding to drown in a large information quantity ? The standard release is for you.

    • You are an institutional or a sport corporation, you have a large number of clients and some dietitian trainers ? The pro release will help you efficiently.

    • You  want to become a nutritional coach and propose your services to private people ? The analytic advanced functionalities allow you to meet your client requests.


Nutrimex is a better approach of foods. Facing a plethoric foods offer or facing to any unexpected change of lifestyle, Nutrimex is the most efficient answer for your nutritional and diet management. Thanks to a clear and precise presentation of the nutritional informations, it reconciles you with the content of you plate.
Nutrimex uses a well known natural concept that everyone puts automatically into practice at home to make ones meals. What could be more banal to put some foods on a plate  to get its meal and repeat the operation all the day long. So quickly made but not necessarily well done. This way to proceed, with fast result and which seems to flow naturally, could quickly become tedious and not really efficient since a particular situation impose to set rational and calculated goals. Sport results, health problems or more simply searching for another lifestyle could command a renewal of the dietery habits. By its structure, it is a software solution nearest to the natural conception of the dietary day.
Users get the basis reflexes essential to a good dietary education in order to go from an emotional diet to an rational one, calculated and sustainable without becoming with flavourless tasteless and not attractive. So, avoid the arduousness resulting from the weighing of foods using serving sizes which will strongly facilitate the design of your meals and also the shopping list. I doing so, you save a huge amount of time with a better satisfaction.

Nutrimex, the wizard which put the bread in the mouth. So as to your nutritonal way not to become an hazardous advendure with poor results along with the inevitable disappoitments such as the yo-yo dieting, muscular loss, social life impacted, and so on.. the wizard comes at the right time. Choose the foods for your meals and the wizard will be in charge to continue showing some easy-to-understand results. It let you know the relevant informations that highlight the most important values of your meal plan such as the energie and its allocation in proteins, carbonhydrates, lipides, vitamins, mineral and trace-elements, glycemic index.

The right values or nothing ! Structured diet habits, this good. Take care of energy, this is good. Take care of  macro and micro-nutrients quantities max and min levels, be sure to cover its recommended daily intakes (RDI), this is really better. A balanced diet is a need to which this is easy to answer with appropriate food intakes. However, this is not possible to have a main line if we stay in an approximation view. It is needed to quantify things. That's why it provides you comparison tools to focus your attention about the modifications you could do to avoid deficiencies.


Why Nutrimex ?

-    Estimation of the metabolic rate basis (the energy you need all the day).
-    Provided with a sports activities list and their energetic estimation.
-    Available in french and english.

-    Includes 1500 food translated in french and english.
-    This is also a full help in french and english.
-    Compatible with metric system and anglo-saxon system.
-    Show complete and relevant results.

-    Compare meals, days, meal plans with the recommended daily intakes (RDI).
-    Manage glycemic index.
-    Multi dietitians.
-    Multi clients.
-    Information confidentiality.
-    No equivalent on the market.
-    Suit for beginners and professionals.
-    Display energetic values (proteins, lipids, carbonhydrates) in % et g/kg (of body mass).
-    No more need to use a scale due to serving sizes.
-    Become a nutritional coach.

-    Easy backup on any drive.
-    Shopping list.

-    View results on your smartphone.
-    Affordable price with monthly membership registration. Pay only for the duration you need.